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So I am not in the business to offend or to attack a person, not in my nature as an individual with a brain-cell. But this man-child on YouTube shocked me by his actions and by the fact his “fans” found what he did as an acceptable thing to do. To fill anyone in this not so bright guy, Mr. Paul, took himself and his “crew” to the famous Japanese Suicide Forrest and while there they found a dead body of a man who took his life. Now he is facing the backlash from it on all fronts. The online community and actual news outlets. This guy is getting his behind torn, and rightfully so.

The issue I have with this on a whole is that this idiot…sorry, this young man knowingly went to this location LOOKING for a dead body or something to put up for views on YouTube. Now I am an extremely small creator on the platform, and on here, but I am not going do some form of stupidity or offensive material that jeopardizes my standing. But how did he think this was a smart thing to do, much less film and put on a website that shares content in an instant. The most shocking of all is that kids follow this guy and look up to him like a “god”, which I don’t see why. His personality is arrogant, he seems like an asshole, and he doesn’t have an ounce of maturity in him. But I am a 28-year-old man, so he is not my demographic or what I choose to watch on the platform. But it’s a sad state that parents allow their kids to watch this guy or any other creator without knowing the full extent of what they are consuming. But kids are raising kids, parents are not parents, and in this instant gratification culture I don’t expect real parents to be involved in their kids’ life.


Look I am not this guy, nor was in his shoes at 22, nor have the standing he does, but I want to tell him that he needs to use his brain. Don’t get ahead of yourself and think you are above everyone because you have success in life based on social media apps. I works at UPS in a factory and that was hard labor man, so he humble that you don’t have to work a real job to get where you got. I don’t know if you know what real work is, but I don’t really care. You produce videos that gives you thousands of dollars a month to become rich as you are, while many many people work HARD 9–5 jobs to make ends meet. So be mindful of that and use the head above your collar bones instead of the head below your waist when making decisions. You may have gotten far on your looks kid, but you need to think about the repercussions of each action you take. Boring maybe, but sensible yes.

Be careful to what you put on the internet. If you look on my Facebook you can see I have no image of myself and I barely use it. I pick and choose what I put in the world, I would advise you to do the same. Children watch you and I know the future generations are already gone, ridiculously arrogant and ignorant, but they feed into what they see. They don’t read but watch and you being one of the most popular channels on YouTube, so you need to think of how this thing I am putting out in the world will impact them and shape the world in their eyes. You have a pull for kids which is good, but you need to be mindful of what you regurgitate to them.


Buddy you will never see this and I honestly don’t care. As a man with Depression and with down spells, I too great offense to your video. Never you known the horrors I thought and almost did to myself. Yes I almost took my own life, but I worked through my personal issues and still to this day. I have my ups and down, but I am trying. When you put a dead man in a video and act like an ass you paint the picture of a person that is self-absorbed in themselves that you don’t think of how the person that killed themselves feel. I do and others who have been in that man’s shoes knows how that darkness feels. You honestly disgusted me to the point where I had to directly tweet about an individual I honestly don’t care about. I respect you for your grind and social media marketing, but as a person I think you are trash buddy. But who am I but a man with an opinion.

You can ignorantly “Dab” on the haters with your equally ignorant brother, but take this backlash you are experiencing as a lesson. Take is as a teachable moment as to what not to do in the long-run. It’s people like you I honestly have a problem with personally. I don’t know your walk of life or your life before you were famous, but as a 22-year-old I can’t believe you are this dense. You seem smart and a functioning person, but there are certain thing attractive people can get away with. Think of that idiot that filmed a woman in the gym changing room and see how that turned out. Count your blessings and be grateful for what you have, because one day in mine or anyone’s shoes with or without any form of mental illness you would crumble.

Sorry for the depressing post guys, regular content will be resumed soon. I just had to voice my opinion on this guy and let my ra emotions out. Have a great week, be safe, and I don’t know you but know that I love you. We are all supposed to be a community, whether Twitter, WordPress, YouTube or whatever, we need to have respect for one another. Take it easy!

Originally published at xagonspeaks.wordpress.com on January 11, 2018.