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Good afternoon ladies and gents of the X-Army, hope you are well. I missed you guess while doing job hunting and designs for my portfolio, but nevertheless I am back. Today I will be giving my honest review on a video game franchise I have invested money into for the passed 5 years, FIFA 20. This is basically the only game I buy as a massive football/soccer fan and this years edition has been a massive disappointment. So going back into my Game Review section of this blog, let’s dive right in.

What Is FIFA 20 |

FIFA 20 is a football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts as part of the FIFA series. It is the 27th installment in the FIFA series, and was released on 27 September 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

My First Impressions |

I went to my local Walmart giddy with joy for the latest game. Got my way back home and installed the game in hopes for a quick overview before work. Wow was I disappointed. The game play, or as they call it a Volta Style, is absolute garbage. Visually the game looks great. I don’t have a 4K TV nor an updated Xbox, but I saw the visuals of the game for what they were. Brand new authentic team stadiums were introduced and I looked forward to seeing the renderings of them. The second you jump into the gameplay itself you feel the complete contrast between FIFA 19 and 20. The movement of the players, how they feels, and how heavy the ball feels blew me away. I threw away $74 dollars on this. Why $74? Because I was dumb enough to go to a store early to buy a game I have been a fan of since I was back in college. A game I was impatient for to get the standard version, but I got the deluxe version. Big mistake.

To get to a more indepth look, the game feels much slower. The game was and still is incomplete to this day. I’ll get more into that soon, this is first impressions now. I noticed missing teams, missing leagues I got used, and glitch infected graphics. I was going to take the game back a few days after my purchase, but EA informed us as consumers that in the coming days there would be an update. The update fixed things that should have been fixed before these smart individuals decided to sell this garbage to the public. Was it a good fix? No, but it fixed things that I am sure they would have caught if they played the game. The words that came to my mind in the week before my receipt of purchase expired were laziness, idiotic, No Mas, and really. I think this will be the final FIFA I buy, because these clowns assume that if they half-ass their jobs and sell people a defective product they can keep making billions. They will, but I am not going to contribute to that anymore. I could end my review right here, but I am a very detail oriented person.

What Is A Piamonte Calcio |

I don’t know how, but somehow FIFA lost the rights to one of the biggest teams in the world, Juventus. They had the testicular fortitude to imply that since they lost the rights to the PES people, that advertising Piemonte was a step in the right direction. That this was a good thing. My God are they smoking over there. Not only the lost of a massive club like this, but to to put the cherry on top of a bake cake of banter they lost the stadium rights to Bayern Munich. Now I may not be in these meetings to hear what is said, but how do you lose out on rights to teams when you are the biggest soccer simulation game on the planet? To PES of all people. My next thinking was since I had my experience wasting my money on a PES game in the past, why not let both FIFA and PES have the rights to all teams in their respective game and see who out-sells who? This would never happen, but it would be a fair and even way to see who is truly better. Business is business, so this is an impossibility.

Scripts & Constant Tinkering |

What makes me know this game was not ready for any sort of consumption was the constant updates every fortnight or so. Always adding player faces and fixing issues people find throughout the games they play. The latest update that inspired this blog post is the one that broke my back, besides me having an accident in real life. I am fine by the way. The latest update struck a nerve with me and it wasn’t like I had an option to consent to being upset like this. In the months of November and December there was an update that made the game perfect for me. It worked so well that I was playing on the highest level, Ultimate, and I was killing it. The update that I was forced to download screwed that. It’s unplayable to the point I stopped playing it. I am now hearing that other people who play the game, either for a living or for stress relief, are having rages over these changes too.

EA’s main selling point was to make the game mode more challenging, but my gosh man are you trying to give people strokes. It’s not like we have a choice in downloading the large gigabyte file. If we don’t the game won’t start. So you download it and start playing, everything seems simple. Then you see how the opposing team is rushing at you like rabbit dogs. You have no time to think and no avenues to pass the ball. Lucky for me I knew how to play the game, but I spend 30 minutes a few days out of the week to get a simple escape when this feels like I m being given the keys to a stress simulator. I get the notion of making the game more challenging, but Christ man. It’s a game not actual football. I just stopped playing until they make a new update to fix this update. Update, update, update has been my experience with this game and I will not purchase another FIFA until all the issues and licenses are returned to the game.

Conclusion & Rating |

Because I am a fan of the game both in the virtual world and the real one, I had to give this a 3.5 out of 5. It’s not good enough, but it’s not bad to the point I would purchase PES again. It may be the last FIFA game I do buy and that’s sad. I look forward to the fall months for details of new info on the game before buying it, but now I will just be a bystander. Nothing more, nothing less. If you have had similar experiences with your FIFA game, do you feel similar? Let me know.

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Originally published at on February 5, 2020.



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