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7 min readJun 26, 2022

Good day ladies and gents of the X-Army, hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to Real Talk, a segment where I give my opinion on things that I am baffled by. Since Roe v. Wade has been overturned, the lunatics have been let loose on the streets. Let’s just dive right into it.

Backstory On Me |

So for many of you who may not know, I am an immigrant to this wonderful country. I was born and raised in Jamaica at the age of 15, but subsequently had the privilege to move to America the legal way after years of filing from my grandmother. Filing is when you legally apply to the U.S government for citizenship and go to the U.S Embassy in your country for a series of interviews for your reasoning for migration. I was given Legal Alien status for a period of 15 years in which after 5 I can study and take the citizenship test to be a fully honored citizen. I waited after I finished college and when I felt ready to do so in 2015. I studied every word, sentence, and paragraph on everything about America. From the wars, my rights, and I even proudly signed up for the selective services to serve my country. Grant it I began in U.S History in High School, but to learn more about my country I took months to prepare for my test. I took it and passed in 2015 with flying colors. Knowing the branches of government and my rights. With this knowledge and the choice to wait the time I did to fully placed myself in the American culture for this test, I equipped myself with enough ammunition to educate someone you clearly has no clue what they are talking about. Which leads me to my next section.

The American Comprehension Decline |

I originally started to believe when the Parental Rights In Education bill was passed that my fellow American’s either can’t read or are really ignorant to read a document. A document the left side of America dubbed the Don’t Say Gay bill.A bill they somehow came to the conclusion that limits transgender and gay kids rights in schools. This bill said none of that and as someone who read this bill twice, I couldn’t find where these idiots were getting that information from. Commercial after commercial and during live sporting games people were bombarded with this woke garbage. I asked someone to make sense to why these sports people and organizations do this and they informed me it’s because with so many eyes on a key event, it’s the perfect platform to make awareness. I saw the logic there for a few seconds because with an event like the Super Bowl or the World Cup those would be the best place for activism, but I wondered why should someone who doesn’t care have to watch. I watch movies and sports for entertainment and escapism, not to be lectured to and belittled for issues I don’t care to invest in.

Overall I got my answer. With the ignorance of properly understanding the Parental Rights In Education bill, woke organizations protested and protested on something they didn’t read with understanding. Or just read in general. They spread and slandered anyone who cosigned this. For me, I am someone who wants full transparency in regards to what my future child will be taught and any lessons on sex or sexuality I want them to learn at an older age when it’s appropriate. I learned about the body, sexuality and the two genders when I was in the third grade, which I see as an appropriate time. Not kindergarten when playing with play dough was the main issue I had. Not being forced to learn about things I am not ready to be taught yet, but these clowns think it’s important because there is a push on trans and multiple genders in everything. Okay, I am all for educating on sexuality but why so soon in early childhood do kids need to know this? You aren’t trying to groom these kids are you?

Now as of June 24th, 2022 Roe v. Wade has been overturned, which for someone who is Pro Life I am happy for this decision. This gives the power of abortion to the states and if someone wants to kill the child in them, they can simply go to that state and murder it if they so choose. With Florida being Red right now, but actually a purple state, it will most likely still be a thing here. With ultra soy woke states like New York, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California being as they are, they will be the prime destination for the murder of innocent babies. Babies who are paying the price for irresponsibility and accountability on the parties involved making the child. If you can’t afford to raise a baby why have unprotected sex? Why not take precautions to avoid the gift God intended sex to be? Why are irresponsible people engaging in sex? Oh right I forgot, my body my choice and sex feeling good.

With the overreaction to this decision being extremely funny and sad to me seeing ignorant people talk about something they have not fully opened their brains to understand, I now see that the institutions of higher education in this country has devolved from teaching young adults and preparing them for the real world to woke garbage and social justice nonsense. It’s also gave me the clear visual of the people who voted for the clown that is occupying the White House and leading the country. The people screaming about killing the baby and calling the living vessel in a woman’s body just a fetus. Not giving it the title of Baby, but they are the loudest voices and with the loudest voices they do make the most noise. Now we are going to have those peaceful protests that was done when that trash of a human George Floyd was killed. Expect riots and churches being vandalized because the people are calling for action. We all remember how that looked.

Where Do We Go From Here? |

From people who consider Onlyfans a viable career choice and casual sex the same as trying a vehicle before you buy it, I would rather continue living in the real world. Seeing how the American society as strayed from God and being as divided as it is, I don’t see anyway the two sides can come together. I don’t live life in a fantasy world where there are multiple genders and burning down a business in the name of a trash human being as logic. I don’t live in a world where somehow abortion is a constitutional right yet when I prepared for my citizenship test that was nowhere in the Constitution. Nothing. These clowns can scream and burn all they want, but the fiber of the nation were live in does not have that as a key point in the Constitution. They can pretend it is like they call the Parental Rights In Education bill the Don’t Say Gay bill all they want. Reality says otherwise and I rather live there. Where do we go from here? Well I have work, the 4th of July coming up, and a life to live. Mixed with some gym time, church, and socialization.

These people need to understand the world doesn’t owe them anything and that bitching like children solves nothing. You people are adults and act the way you do. You use abortion as contraception and think that murdering an innocent child is okay. Now because each state can dictate who can have an abortion you choose to complain rather than make plans to go to those states to murder your child and continue the lifestyles you live. You classify yourself as adults but act like spoil brats. Some of you people need to look at yourself and make better choices with you you allow in your life. Who you allow into your body. Therapy would be too much because I have seen some of the therapists you people go to. I am not saying this as a proud Jamaican who is now a proud American who took the time to understand my country and it’s laws, I say this as someone who lives in reality. You people need both help and a life. The swiftness of the organization of protesting when the draft was leaked amazed me. You people are either really prepared at all times to protest like you are on call for any glitch in the matrix or you just have nothing better to do with your time. Beyond having unprotected and irresponsible sex, what exactly do you people do? Do you work? Do you live for free somewhere? Because I have never seen a group of people complain about nothing and destroy people businesses like this before. I am sure the less mature of those who will do illegal things will claim to have justification, but in reality do they ever take the time to read and educate themselves before they act…I don’t really care to fine out.

In Conclusion |

Thank you guys so much for checking out this Real Talk post. I am honestly shocked to how people are just quick to murder a child that they played a part in. Sure there are cases for rape and incest, but why is an abortion the first thing they see as a contraceptive. I am all for anyone having a right to liberty and freedom, but murdering a child that you can’t take the accountability and responsibility to take care of blows my mind. Adoption and I don’t know raising the kid like adults are also options. It takes two to tango and if you aren’t mature enough for the responsibility of a child, use protection. Simple, but it’s too much to suggest. Take care everyone and thank you for all the love. God bless!