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6 min readNov 5, 2021

Good morning ladies and gents of the X-Army, hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to Real Talk, a segment where I provide my own personal opinion on topics I find compelling in our modern world. Today the topic of discussion is Free Speech and does it even exist anymore. Let’s get to it!

Personalized Censorship |

So today in this toxic and extremely political climate, we are having to adjust the way we speak to each other. Gone are the days when you could have open banter and joke around with friends. Now we have to monitor what we say for fear of being cancelled and re-educated into speaking modern speech. I get that certain words are offensive, from racist terms to having opinions of the vaccine, but when we take one of the fundamental amendment privileges away from people what exactly is the message. I have an opinion on the vaccine and the current situations surrounding the idiot in the White House, but I can’t say what I want on social media or around friends. I have to account for people’s feelings, fear for my job status, and fear of having an impression of me in the world that is not representative of the man I am.

I regularly watch a number of YouTube programming that aligns with how I think and noticed that they have to watch how they say. Having an opinion on the vaccines results in constant repetition of them not being medical professionals. I found this the most annoying thing to see on a constant basis. Video after video just from giving opinions on COVID or vaccines, the disclaimer has to be said. After I say one content creator banned I realized the severity of this entire thing. The political climate that surrounds this wants to silent varying opinions to keep away the misinformation from being public. I understand that you don’t want to shine a light to any singular person who may have some sort of fan based, but having idiots to experts give opinions on whatever subject is a beautiful thing. It provides entertainment and literal information. If someone is willing to do something stupid I am sure they will learn and the majority of us know false from fiction. So what really is the problem with various opinions being in the world? I thought diversity of thought was a good thing, but the only diversity they want is mainly skin color which is now at the forefront of everything.

The Popularity of L et’s Go Brandon & Why The Left Hates It |

So the clown that is in the White House is the so called President of this great country. Supposedly the most popular president in history…okay. Now I dislike and despise the man and his policies. Thanks to this idiot the economy is screwed, people lost their jobs from his first pen stroke, and he consistently weakens our respect on the global scene. Now I don’t only blame him and his cabinet for this, but also the woke garbage they push. I have voiced my opinion online and to friends about my disdain for this clown being in-charge of the country, but the responses I got were priceless. From being call every insulting name under the sun to claiming I am racist. As a black man who never experienced racism and having friends from all walks of life, hearing a few call me that baffled me. Just for having the freedom to express my view in a different way than they may have had and ironically living through the four years they dissed Trump. So it’s okay for one side to slander, write hit piece after hit piece, and so on for the former president but this idiot is somehow off limits? I don’t think so.

The level of backing this man, if that’s what he is, has received in the media warrants criticism because from my perspective he is doing a terrible job. Speak on his handling of Afghanistan and the Taliban on any social media platform you will get either banned or suspended. Mention you issue with lock-downs and the mandates on either masks or vaccines you will find yourself hit with false medical information stickers and a clean suspension. My point is he ain’t doing a good job and seeing this clown’s approval rating fall so fast makes me happy. People actually voted for increased gas prices, inflation on food and rent, and incentivizing people not to work. Let’s give free money and print a bunch more to supplement but not fear the repercussions. Hence why Fuck Joe Biden led to the meme chant “Let’s Go Brandon” and let me say this is mighty fine of the logical people seeing what’s happening in clarity. The media is trying to silence this chant and posting online, yet slandering Trump and calling him so and so is okay. Where is the equality there? My guy was in and I lived through the jokes but it seems the left can’t take a joke or equal treatment. Let’s Go Brandon baby and I will keep saying it til I have no breath left in my body.

What Is The Endgame Here? |

I honestly have no idea what the end of this looks like to be honest. Everything is blue, soy, and soft to the point I feel like a bunch of sissies are running the country. In the 90s I grew up with the insults, jokes and so on until I stood up for myself. I don’t take banter serious and this enable my friends the freedom to say whatever to me. I value freedom of speech and the freedom of expression, but it seems like the idiots who rioted for a failed porn-star criminal POS gets to do as they please and you can’t offer counter points on these people pushing CRT to kids and organizations. I am lucky to live in a state that is classified as purple but it’s red in my heart. Here our governor has literal balls and calls this clown the clown he is every time the idiot says something sideways about us who prefer freedom. This is not about the idiot in the white house but rather the right to say what you want to say without being labeled x,y, or z. Just posting this could lead to hot water, but I don’t care because I am one of millions of citizens who knows his rights. I hope we move away from this cancel culture to back where words are just said without fear. If you say racist crap, voice your opinion on a hot topic, or just say basic words you shouldn’t have fear. There will be push-back or backlash to those words voiced, but the point is you have the freedom to say it. Maybe after this idiot’s time in the white house is done or when people rethink this woke garbage we will go back to being free, until them we are living in a semi-communist society and that scares me. Maybe one day words will literally just be that…words.

Thank you so so much for checking out this Real Talk post. Please stay tuned for more content coming down the road. Have a safe day and please value the rights you have. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Take it easy!

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