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11 min readMar 7, 2021


Good afternoon ladies and gents of the X-Army, I hope you are doing well. It’s been an interesting year thus far. We are seeing things get cancelled, opinions and voices suppressed, and careers destroyed for having a difference of opinions. I stayed back and observed to see what plays out in front of me. What I see is laughable and interesting. Folks please allow this so called “Neanderthal” give you his perspective on what I am seeing and how amazingly stupid I find it. Let’s dive in.

Go Woke, Go Broke |

Now as a black American or a so called “Man of Color”, I have to have a set perspective to the rest of the herd. I am supposed to be offended by everything, find fault in everyone’s thinking, and educate them based on the different think they hold. I am supposed to make an effort in the movement to cancel all who have done atrocities in the past and make them know the error of their ways. If it be it the risk of losing their job, their marriage, and any potential of them being able to reemerge in society again, it’s my duty to put these people away. They have to learn and be held accountable right? Now let me actually say what I need to say, all you people who go out of your way to cancel people and push wokeness are a bunch of idiots. Fact check me on that because I see a ton of your images online. You guys need to form hobbies, but that’s too much to ask.

Now I had to google woke to find the meaning and from that description it is accurate. People going out of their way to push injustice and racism so that it can be stopped. It’s an awakening and boy do we see it in every portion of life now. I called this section “Go Woke, Go Broke” for good reason. Collectively people find issue with seeing a bunch of nonsense in elements of entertainment a bit tiring to down-right infuriating. I noticed shows pushing this mess years before, so I ignored that particular content. I watch sports and other forms of media to escape life for a few moments or hours when I need a break. What I now seeing is a bunch of checks that need to be checked so everyone sees the atrocities of the world they want to take time from.

To this day I don’t watch Premier League games at the beginning due to the kneeling of the players. I found it interesting at first, but I didn’t know that it was going to be something that stayed in games til this point. I understand what it is for, but I don’t need to see it every game. Even black players are getting sick and tired of this token gesture. No Room For Racism is a clear indication of the message. No hatred to any player be them white, asian, hispanic, muslim, or black. I get it from that, but no we have to have kneeling. I skip the kick off and watch the games 2 minutes in to not see the cringey gesture. Just my personal take.

Now for the NFL and the NBA. I used to enjoy the sports that are popular in America, but wow the virtue signalling is over nine thousand. I get it, it’s the only platform these players have to preach and teach to us simple people. Rich athletes in a massively privileged position telling me how racist I am as a person with a functioning brain and how smart they are for standing up to the bullies. Ironically the money these assholes make comes from a portion of the audience these idiots are basically calling neanderthals. Hence why viewership of the sports have been declining. To the point they are essentially putting their media on multiple channels to boost the numbers, but are clearly failing. Fact check me on that one too if you want, but they have been multi-casting the games on different channels for awhile now. I guess no one notices.

The Super Bowl itself to me was a joke. Full of SJW commercials and because I have the ability to change the channel or stream, I just waited until the quarters started to not see any of the garbage I don’t personally need to. My right, my choice. If I don’t want to see something then I have a right not to see something or obtain certain information. We still have freedom to a certain level right?

Remember When Movies Were Just Movie |

Someone said to me recently that watching shows and movies is an exhausting experience now. I can’t say I disagree. Supposedly when Hollywood pushed out the Ghost Busters film in 2016 the movie tanked because of woman hating men, alt right trolls, and incels who just wanted to hate on women’s work. Let me put this to bed right now as a man who loves women, no it did not. The movie failed because the film itself was garbage. The script was terrible, the line deliveries were trash, and the actresses played victim when they themselves knew the quality of material they were about to put out was crap. This is the same reason I never wasted my time on watching the Charlies Angels movie, because from the trailer I could tell it’s garbage. All men are filth and women are better, no thanks. Yet when men choose not to watch it we are not supporting women. My friends I and many other men support women in many forms, but based on what I personally say I didn’t see it worth putting money into filth. Yet according to these privileged and rich actresses are saying they are not this nor that, please.

Now these days all movies have to be diverse and white characters have to be minimal or supported by mostly black or when characters. The story of Star Wars blew me away when Finn was supposed to be Ray’s love interest and was changed because China didn’t want it in their. Plus they had to change the poster minimizing Finn. Just because you get more money from a set country you change everything yet you preach to us about racism and diversity. Practice what you preach. Stand up and push forth with the script/plot you meant to and see what happens. But not, you get that sweet Chinese money and at the end of the day it is a business. So why when a film, Mulan, is filmed near a concentration camp there are no protests? Oh money, yes yes.

Besides diversity being checked, they have to go away from showing white people in a positive light. You have to put down one race and uplift another. The days every evil person in film or shows are white and every good person is a black/minority character. Isn’t that racism? No no, you can’t be racist against white people. Black people can’t possible be racist. I’ll get to that in a second. It makes me sick that the message you are pushing is empowerment while being racist. It’s amazing that these virtue signalling people are pushing one message but contradicting themselves and no one dares calling them out on it. Isn’t that the notion of cancel culture? Calling out bullshit, whatever. I miss the days when you watch a dumb action flick with explosions, taking your date to a romance film, or just taking your kids to a movie where they learn actual lessons and values in friendships. Now it’s about sexuality, how racist you are, and why we constantly need to this, this, and this. As a black man there is a reason why I don’t sit and watch Roots everyday. You watch a fictional movie about slavery you keep yourself in a perpetual cycle of racism to where you see white people or others as the enemy. No thanks.

Now they are gender and race swapping every single character to diminish the fact that this character was white or a woman. I am hearing that they are changing Superman to be black and I can’t understand why. You have other black characters in the DC universe, but because these writers can’t come up with their own intellectual property they have to change an existing one. Either they are lazy or they just want to push a narrative, and I think I answered my own question. This is similar to Captain Marvel, which was a SJWs wet dream. They had to force every to watch a meaningless character to lead to the conclusion of one of the best continuity stories in modern history. The SJW and woke folk had to have their character in a set of stories where people have powers and fight beings from space. Even her inclusion in Endgame was meaningless, but they had to check the box. Plus the female X Force scene in the movie was horrendous. There could have been many ways they could have filmed that, but they had to put down a male character to uplift the female. Okay.

As a creative person I have my own creatives with my own characters and story-lines since I was aged 9. I used to draw my comics and sell them to my friends to read back in Jamaica. When I moved to the U.S and continued doing this, I built a reputation for being creative. There is a small portion of Mississippi that knows who Metro, The Heat Squad, The Elemental Sentinels, and FFM are. My stories, my intellectual properties, and my own creations. Now I have to asked the idiots in Hollywood, how can I create something on my own and you can’t form an original concept without having to race/gender swap an original’s? Is thinking that hard? You people get paid and the foolishness that you put out sells, but wow. Turning Superman black and just shifting original intellectual property speaks volumes to me as a person that literally works in the design industry. Protesting is easier and calling everything racist pays the bills. Do you Hollywood.

Lastly Protesting |

I was told once by a family member to educate myself. Educate myself on elements of the past and make white people pay. Now I love my white brothers and sisters as I do all people regardless, but I refuse to allow myself to fall into a mindset of blaming people for my own place in life. I was always told that in order to make it in life you need to work hard to get where you want in life and put forth the effort. Those key things is now deemed hate speak, but the sentiment is the same. I was told that I needed to go out, burn shit, and take revenge. Like I said I think for myself and when I was threatened to do these exact things I refused because I am not an idiot and I don’t believe in stupidity. Called Oreo, Uncle Tom, so on and so forth. How I see it we have a constitution and a bill of rights that gives us privileges. Same privileges that allows you to apparently burn peoples businesses down with no retribution. People have a right to voice their opinion and do what they need to, but when you threaten someone to do something they don’t believe in why does that person’s voice gets diminished? But I digress.

What I see is privileged people who are bored wanting to bitch and moan about things that have no intention of being racist. Amazon, Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss, and so on. Everything is getting cancelled because some loser has so much time and hatred in their own heart that they want to project what they think into something that had no intention to be racist. I never knew that these people could have affected careers, but it did. Conservatives are getting cancelled, actors are getting cancelled, and thinking the wrong way gets you cancelled. That concept alone sounds odd years ago, but these days you have to pick through everything to see if it is racist to see if it is worth cancelling. What a person said or did in the past can affect your livelihood. Gina Carano, God bless her, is getting back on her feet and I wish her nothing but the best. Because what happened to her was a joke and I thought uplifting strong women was the goal. Guess not.

But back to protesting and my apparent need of education. Here are a few things I found around the world that needs a little bit of light shed on. In our own back yard we need to have better conversations on the surge of male suicide. This is not being reported because men are supposedly bad according to society, but we need to shed a light on this and help men with mental health. A better overall Mental Health conversation is needed. The high levels of abortion, black on black crime, and the rise in violent attacks on Asians and the Jewish community. Attacks have been going on in the media and I notice they choose to not mention the race of the perpetrators unlike they do with white people who they love calling supremacists. I mentioned this last year and I was correct. A majority of these attacks on Asians are done by Black people, but the media doesn’t want to mention that and choose to not clarify who is doing it. We need more transparency regardless of what political side or agenda you follow.

The white South African farmers being hunted is something that needs to be addressed but won’t. White people bad is the narrative. The concentration camps in China and what they are doing to the Muslim population is a grand stand there. I would dare these SJWs to protest that one. The genocide of a group of people is going on but nothing. The Hong Kong protests, the South Korea suicide rate, issues in the middle east, etc. There are a ton of issues these people who are professional feel offended folk can protest. I would actually dare these snowflakes to go to one of these countries and protests face to face amongst the people. They are brave on social media, but in real life I think not. Well unless they are in a mass group and can over power another individual. Food for thought.

In Conclusion |

People I love this great country and the individuals that live in it. The thoughts and creativity that we all have is what we bring to the table. How things are and the division I see is just sad to see. As a black man the message that is being placed out their does not represent me. I represent myself. I don’t need a movement or a group of people to tell me how I should think or feel. I am an individual that minds my own business and do my own thing. I wish and hope we can get to a point where we all go about our lives and just live, but how things are and the confusion people are feeling it won’t happen anytime soon. The second people start to wake up and smell the coffee the everything is too woke and soft, we can progress as a society. But we have to cancel each other, be held liable for things we said in the past when we had a different level of maturity, and have out careers and personal relationships gone in a Thanos snap. People do you and live peacefully, please.

Thanks for checking out my blog post. Please stay tuned for more content and be safe out there. We are in wacky times. Take it easy and much love!

Originally published at on March 7, 2021.